Flamingo Lake

What Guests Say and Have seen at Flamingo Lake

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Flamingo Lake Horses

"Thank you for a very special time. The service was great, from the security at the gate to the cleaners to Lee's visits.
This is a piece of unspoilt nature, keep it like this, hidden from destruction. We'll come and visit again and recommend it to our Nature Loving friends.
Loved the wild horses visiting us on Sunday and we also saw the Bokkie (little buck) near the gate one morning.
Keep up the good work. God Bless. Gavin and Ansie Lavis

Well, I'm at a loss for words! Rondavel 5 is by far the most stunning 'holiday home' we've ever had the pleasure of staying in. We unfortunately did not see the horses, but the birds kept us company for the entire weekend - we were so amazed at how tame they are - ate right out of our hands!
A big THANK YOU for providing us with the opportunity to experience a wonderful place with the most beautiful surroundings/views - we'll be back for sure! (email)

Thanks for a lovely weekend!!
We had a great time. It was lovely - peaceful & very relaxing. The beach is absolutely stunning. We will definitely be back soon! (email)


Short and sweet extracts from our Guest Book:

  • What a delightful little discovery! We have really had a peaceful stay here...charming...great facilities - the perfect getaway.
  • Again we had a wonderful peaceful and relaxed getaway
  • Thanks for an absolutely MAGIC time! Can't wait 2 get back
  • A place of peace and beauty - we must stay longer next time
  • Cosy house, beautiful garden and charming hosts
  • What a wonderful spot to recharge the batteries
  • A superb base for our visit to the Western Cape
  • You guys have thought of everything we could possibly need during our stay
  • I defy anyone not to fall in love with this beautiful place
  • We will definitely be back for our anniversary next year & the year after & the year after
  • Thank you very much for your charming and lovely reception
  • This is an ornithologist's paradise
  • This place makes you rediscover why one should be happy to be alive
  • Such a perfect place for a honeymoon!
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Flamingo Lake has proved very popular with South African residents, and our rates are geared to be affordable to our faithful local guests.
As a result, our prices are extremely low by international standards, and provide excellent value for money for tourists from abroad.

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