Flamingo Lake

Settings and Surroundings

Lee Wells

Flamingo Lake is quiet, incredibly beautiful, safe, secure and close to nature.
The loudest noise will be the sound of the sea.
From your rondavel you can watch the birds on the lagoon, stroll through the estate, and usually you can cross the romantic footbridge to the beach, swim in the swimming pool or enjoy a game of tennis. At the moment it's not possible to cross the bridge, due to the rain, and the bridge needs to be repaired by Nature Conservation.

The 1000 hectare lake is an estuary at the mouth of the Bot River. It's fairly shallow, and the mouth to the sea is usually closed. Water levels vary, depending on the rainfall. Every few years the mouth breaks open, and the whole lake empties into the sea. It's usually good for boating and swimming, and always beautiful.

There are beaches for swimming, for picnicking, for exploring; but this is a beach for walking, or just sitting and admiring the view. It's a super walking beach - long and level, with mountains looming around the bay, and interesting detours over the dunes into the wetlands beyond. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting footprints - there are quite a few different species of small game leaving their tracks in the sand. And keep an eye on the sea - you are likely to see whales in season.

Hermanus Self Catering Accommodation - Flamingo Lake

Hermanus Self Catering Accommodation - Flamingo Lake

Hermanus Self Catering Accommodation - Flamingo Lake

Hermanus Self Catering Accommodation - Flamingo Lake
Flamingo rondavels Flamingo Beach with Flamingos Flamingo Bridge over Lagoon Flamingo Horses Flamingo Horses Flamingo Horses

The Horses of Sandown Bay

Many years ago, so the story is told, a local farmer, tired of farming, sold
all his cattle and turned his horses loose into the wilderness.
Somehow these horses survived in the wetlands, and even thrived.
They were once so seldom seen that many people doubted their existence.

We (and our guests) have seen them several times. They are a little shy, but not aggressive or dangerous. You might see them yourself when you walk along the beach.

We are in the heart of the unique and famous Cape Floral Kingdom.

Botanists have recognized six Floral Kingdoms throughout the world.

Five of these are enormous, but the tiny sixth has such a rich variety of different trees, shrubs and wild flowers that it warrants a Kingdom all of its own.

This is the Cape Floral Kingdom and the whole Hermanus region
falls within this area.

Flamingo Lake Fynbos
Overberg Landscape

Flamingo Lake is hidden deep inside the Middlevlei Nature Reserve on the edge of the Botriver Lagoon.

About an hour's drive from Cape Town, on the way to the Garden Route and not more than fifteen minutes' drive from Hermanus. This is an ideal spot from which to explore the Overberg region.

A fifteen kilometer beach of deep, fine, shining white sand merges imperceptibly with the wetlands dunes. It's not a great swimming beach: there are stunning swimming beaches ten minutes from here. This beach is for walkers, fishermen, and lovers of nature and beauty.

You will see seagulls and terns, perhaps a pair of endangered Oystercatchers, and in season perhaps some whales.

And you'll find space and time to catch your breath and enjoy the beauty of sand, sea and mountains, in this exclusive private nature reserve.

Flamingo Lake Birds
Flamingo Lake Wildlife

Small game in the area are not often seen, but might include grysbok and duiker, grey mongooses, genets, caracal, porcupines and honey badgers. Francolins will forage around your very own private garden and (if you're lucky) you might see one of the largest gatherings of flamingos to be found anywhere in South Africa - there can be as many as a thousand gathered on your doorstep. The lagoon and its edge is one of the top birding spots in South Africa.

Flamingo Lake Flamingo Lake Flamingo Lake Flamingo Lake